Changes in release R11.0.4 – 16 maart 2018
  • Concurrent image processes in single JVM
  • fixed issue with 16 bit PSD
  • Inspector queue selection bug fixed
  • PNG with embedded profile issue fixed
  • bug fixes in JobClient
  • Stability and performance improvements
Changes in release R11.0.3 – 7 November 2017
  • Incomplete logging after upgrade fixed
  • Correct logging of timeout value (multi-server operation)
  • Reduced installer size
  • Stability improvements in multiserver operation

Changes in release R11.0.2 – 26 September 2017

  • Added feature: routing on file format (as apposed to just on extension)
  • Stability improvements in JobClient for Indesign CC and CS6 on Mac and PC
  • Fix for Corrupt Flate Stream error when processing specific PDF’s
  • Automatic startup of Claro service on Macosx did not work in new installer, fixed
  • Return jobticket after Inspector was not generated, fixed
  • PNG bug fixed
  • When doing upgrades, the http port number was not taken from the existing configuration
  • Improved exception handling if selected ICC profile does not exist.

Changes in release R11.0.1 – 10 May 2017

* Added “execute external program” option to device-link channels.
* Added Inspector status icon to Jobclient
* New installers for Inspector
* Fix for un-embedded font bug with a specific PDF with concurrent processing
* Improvement in Color Balance algorithm

Changes in release R11.0.0 – 31 March 2017

* Claro v11 is able to classify portraits as such, leading to optimised skin tone treatment, noise filtering and changes to the local contrast for highlights algorithm (smoother skin) for those images, leading to better portraits.* Claro v11 offers the option to exclude skin tones from the local contrast for highlights feature. This leads to smoother skin tones and is especially interesting for high quality print processes.* Banding removal in blue skies. In heavily compressed images, and sometimes amplified by noise and sharpening filters, banding may occur. These are especially visible and apparent in blue skies. The new banding removal algorithm detects and removes the banding from the blue skies.* New and improved JPEG compression artifacts detection and removal. Detects and removes various types of JPEG artifacts.* Improved exposure detection and correction. Claro v11 has improved algorithms that better detect and correct under and over exposure.* In Claro v10 a new color filter functionality was added, with the option to exclude neutrals from the color filter. This lead to the possibility to make images warmer in color without affecting the neutrals. Whites and greys remained neutral, while colors were warmer. In v11 we added the options to exclude skin tones and blue skies from the color filter as well.* Claro v11 routing channels have the option to route files based on EXIF metadata. This includes GPS information. Claro allow routing of images if they are taken in a specified radius around a specific GPS location. This allows newsrooms to select images of a certain important event.

* New Indesign JobClient (Indesign plugin). The new JobClient allows closing of documents while images are in process.

* JobClient as well as the Claro server installation are completely independent of pre-installed Java Runtime Environments

* Fill in Box resize option: a specified box size will be filled completely, and if width and height ratio of the image are not equal to the width and height ratio of the specified box size, the image will be cropped.

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