Product Overview

Claro is an automatic image enhancement server. It automates the task of enhancing images manually (interactively) in Photoshop. In Photoshop, people take decisions based on what they see. That is dynamic image enhancement. Every image is different and needs different treatment. Automating image enhancement through batch processing, like with Photoshop actions, is static image enhancement. The same set of filters and curves are applied to the complete set. Some images my come out nice, others may not. Claro replaces the human decision making with image analysis. Each original image gets thoroughly analysed, and based on the results, the technology takes decisions on what to do with each individual image. That is automatic, yet dynamic image enhancement.

Based on this image analysis, Claro is able to identify “problem images” automatically. Claro works with hot-folder based workflows (channels). Claro can produce images for various print processes as well as for web and tablet publishing.

Claro offers 3 kinds of workflows:

  • Automatic (from input to output folder, no human intervention)
  • Semi automatic (problem images are recognised and send to a (group of) Photoshop operator(s) for approval)
  • Pre-toning (all images are enhanced and then send to a (group of) Photoshop operator(s) for approval and/or further tweaking.)

The Photoshop operators use a Claro client application, the Photoshop Inspector. The images remain in the Claro workflow throughout. Another client application is the Indesign plugin. The Indesign plugin allows designers to submit images from within their Indesign documents to Claro for processing. Since the size and crop-frame of images in the document are known, Claro can resample, optionally crop, enhance and color-convert images before updating them in the Indesign document.

Claro is used by renowned publishers around the world.

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