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What can you do yourself and how to contact Elpical Support. ([email protected]).


If you have a maintenance contract or a rental license, you can always call on Elpical Support ([email protected]). However, there are things you can do yourself easily, both to avoid having to call upon Elpical Support, but also to make our work easier – and therefore faster, which means you will get a faster response.

First, check the log file to see if that gives you any clues about the problem you are facing. The log can be viewed from the user-interface, but a more extensive log file can be found in the Claro installation directory:

../Elpical Claro/log/jClaro.log

For licensing issues, view the license information in the user-interface. Maybe you need to activate or re-install a license.

For issues with processing certain files, you can contact Elpical Support. We will ask you the following:

– the original file

– the settings with which we can reproduce the issue

– the ../Elpical Claro/log/jClaro.log file

You can export individual channels as well as channel groups. This allows us to easily import your settings and then reproduce the problem using the original file. Channels and channel groups will be saved as an XML file.

export channel button

Export button in the channel view. Exports the selected channel.

Export group buttonExport button in the group view. Exports a group of channels.

You can also export a diagnostics package. This package contains your configuration settings (i.e. memory settings), log files and all of your settings. It exports as a zip file.

export diagnostics package

If you send the diagnostics package, please send also the exported channel. Even though that channel is included in the diagnostics package, it is easier and quicker for Elpical Support to import the specific channel, rather than all the settings. The export-diagnostics-package-button is available in the user-interface if the log page is shown.

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