Main navigation buttons

Description of the main navigation buttons at the upper right part of the ClaroAdmin window.

Navigation buttons

Going from left to right:

Button one: this takes you to the channel or group view. Here you can view, edit, create, copy, export and import channels and groups of channels. (a channel is one hot-folder based workflow). This will be the most widely and often used page.

Button two: This button takes you to the system maintenance pages. (normal and error logs and system settings). If the button blinks red (as in the screenshot) errors are reported in the error log. Clicking the button will take you there right away.

Button three: This button takes you to the Scheduler. The scheduler allows you to schedule the active/standby status of channels as well as switch channel settings between automatic and Photoshop Inspector workflow, and clear the Inspector queue at specific times.

Button four: Takes you to a download page (an HTML page that will open in your web-browser) where you can download the Claro client applications (Photoshop Inspector and Indesign JobClient).

Button five: Takes you to the page where user-accounts and privileges can be setup.

Button six: Takes you to the license overview page. In this area you can also purchase a perpetual or monthly rental license.

Button seven: If you have multiple Claro instances in the network, this lets you connect to the Claro server of your choice.

Button eight: Takes you to 

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