JobClient configuration

Setup JobClient preferences.

Locate the preferences window:

Where to find the preferences pane

The preferences window:

JobClient configuration

The preferences pane consists of two parts. The upper part is about the connection settings. We discuss those in Installation of JobClient. Here we explain the Configuration part of the preferences.

Select channel

Select one of the channels that have been created on the server from the drop-down menu. Images will be processed according to the settings of that channel.

Select language

Select the language of the user-interface of the JobClient.

Apply Cropping

If this option is checked and if images are only partly visible in the document (cropped) then the crop coordinates will be passed on to Claro. Claro will use the crop-coordinates in one of two ways:

Apply hardcropping If checked, Claro will actually crop the image, and only the visible part of the image will remain. Therefore, after the image in the document is updated with the processed version, the image will fit the picture box exactly.

Use softcropping for image analysis If checked, Claro will use the crop-coordinates for image analysis only. The visible part of the image is analysed, and corrections are based on that analysis. But the complete image will be processed and sent back.

Rename images
If checked, the processed images will be renamed with a suffix like for instance: “originalfilename_claro1.jpg”. The images will be stored in the same location as where the original image is located, but not overwrite it. The links in the document get updated such that the processed images are now used in the document.

If unchecked, the original images will be renamed. The processed images have the original file name.

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